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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few SCUBA FAQ's that will help you in your preparation for your trip aboard The Humboldt. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Visit our searchable knowledgebase of articles that provides answers to most frequently asked questions. Including dive site recommendations, online bookings, rental gear, shop and boat location divemaster hires, and several other important topics to help make your dive trip fun and enjoyable. Click here.


What's the difference between Waterhorse Charters and the Humboldt?
Waterhorse Charters is the name of the company that owns the dive boat, called The Humboldt.

What is the minimum number of full retail paying customers on the boat for there to be a trip?

  • Local trips: 7
  • Los Coronado Islands: 11

What is the capacity of the boat?
It is rated for 40 passengers, or 22 divers per trip.

How long is the ride to the SCUBAdive sites?
oronado Islands: 95 Minutes - Kelp and Wrecks: 20-30 Minutes

What is your refund policy?

Full Refunds for:

  • Trip cancellations due to inclement weather.
  • Trip cancellations due to boat mechanical problems before it leaves the dock.
  • Trip cancellations due to:
    1) less than 7 full retail paying customers on a local trip
    2) less than 11 full retail paying customers on a Coronado Islands trip.
  • Open Boat bookings, that have been made online, that are canceled 72 hours or more prior to departure.

Individual customers on open boat trips who cancel 0-72 hours of departure time will yield a credit in our system for a future trip with a $20 rescheduling fee.

No Refunds for:

  • Cancellations made within 72 hours.
  • No-shows or for passengers arriving after scheduled departure time.
  • Bad visibility.
  • Seasickness problems.
  • Gear problems.

NOTE: PASSPORT BOOK is required for all passengers on a Coronado Islands trip. The Mexican Tourist VISA Fee is not refundable after the boat leaves the dock due to any circumstances.

What’s the difference between Harbor Seals and Sea Lions?
Basically, Sea Lions have protruding ears; Harbor Seals don’t. Sea Lions bark; Harbor Seals don’t. Sea Lions are generally bigger and Harbor Seals are lighter in color with spots. Feel free to impress the other passengers who didn’t read this part with your knowledge.

Tipping Etiquette for the Crew
Gratuities are not included in any trip pricing. The crew works hard to make sure your trip is enjoyable and to ensure your safety, including doing many things you never see if they do their job well.

The rule of thumb is just like a restaurant, 10% to 20% of the trip cost is appreciated. Obviously you can tip more or less depending on the service you received. For a local dive trip, the crew would receive in the range of $15-$30. Remember, your tip will be divided equally between the crew and captain.

How much you tip is up to you. Please keep in mind that our crew makes majority of their living from your tips, just like a waiter or waitress. So if they go above and beyond, tip the crew well.

What’ll I see?
Depends where you go, but here’re some pics of some marine life here in San Diego.

Do you offer guided dives?
Our divemaster stays onboard for surface support for all divers on the trip. However, a divemaster can be hired to take you on a tour.

Divemaster hires are as follows:

Local Wrecks/Kelp Trips:
2 Tank Trips: $100 for 1 to 2 divers, $140 for up to 4 divers.
3 Tank Trips: $125 for 1 to 2 divers, $165 for up to 4 divers.

Coronado Islands Trips:
2 Tank Trips: $125 for 1 to 2 divers, $165 for up to 4 divers.
3 Tank Trips: $150 for 1 to 2 divers, $190 for up to 4 divers.

Please give us a minimum of 5 days advanced notice of your trip if you would like to hire a personal divemaster.

Do you have SCUBA rental gear available?
Yes, SCUBA equipment is available for rent. Prices are as follows:

Wetsuit (7MM)
Regulator (w/o Computer)

Total rental price will not exceed $60 per diver for a full package rate. Please submit a SCUBA Equipment Rental Form at least 72 hours prior to your trip date.

What is the average water temp* in San Diego?

Jan: 58
Feb: 57
Mar: 58
Apr: 60
May: 63
Jun: 65
July: 66
Aug: 68
Sept: 66
Oct: 65
Nov: 62
Dec: 59

*Please note that these are surface temperatures. Water temp can drop significantly at depth, so bundle up accordingly. At a minimum, a 7mm wetsuit, hood, booties, and gloves are necessary.

Anything else?

  • Bring a towel and warm clothes for the trip to your dive site. Also, take some seasickness medication, just in case.

  • To expedite your check-in process the day of the dive, please print out, sign, and bring this Liability Waiver Form.

  • Don’t show up hungover, that can ruin your trip.

  • Show up with a smile and we’ll smile back.

  • Some extra cash for Humboldt T-Shirts and tipping the crew!